Sustainable Sourcing

Responsibly sourced seafood

Sourcing fish and seafood responsibly is paramount to our business. We believe in promoting the most sustainable seafood available to us, and work with organisations such as the Bayrise farm to develop sustainable products.


Sustainable fish

 A significant amount of fish and seafood is wild caught which can lead to overfishing, unwanted by-catch and destructive catch methods. We take the view that we need to work within the industry to guide our customers towards sustainable choices. We buy locally wherever possible and only transport fish across the country if they are not available locally. Minimising food miles helps to reduce our carbon footprint and ensures the fish is as fresh as possible. 


We source sustainable, local, day boat fish where possible. Fish markets provides us with a host of local day boat fish each day. While most of the country is tucked up in bed, our buyers on the fish markets are up to get the best day boat landings. While the market offers a great range of locally caught species. We source many other sustainable varieties when in season and work in partnership with our customers (restaurants and caterers) in raising awareness of responsible sourcing and encouragement of consumers in making sustainable choices.