Who We Are

Every farmer strives to get good value for their catch.

Our Story

From the cool waters of Lake Victoria come some of the most sustainable produced tilapia on the planet. We are proud to be associated with the industry trailblazers, that are setting a higher bar for social and environmental standards in tilapia farming.

The Finfarm Fish Traders is a locally owned fish processing and distribution company which officially started in March 2020, with a focus to bridge the supply chain gap on fish distribution. We primarily distribute and market frozen fish products among institutional buyers, famous restaurants, caterers and households’ consumers within and beyond Kenyan borders. 


Our three unique fish businesses are driven by a shared desire to provide your kitchens with quality, fresh, and frozen produce. But we’re not just a wholesaler and supplier – as passionate fish experts, we share our unrivalled industry knowledge with our customers and seek to inspire your menus


Fresh fish, Fresh Catch for a healthier lifestyle!

Our Mission

To promote healthy living and include high nutritional protein in consumer’s diet by sourcing and providing quality, affordable fish, thus meeting consumer health needs everytime, everywhere.

Our Vision

To make The Finfarm Fish a destination spot for homesteads and the community as a whole by serving high quality fish at great value

Our Objective

To establish a presence as a successful fish distributor within existing and new markets through widening our distribution networks.